Our Productions

“world class” “it was excellent” “I enjoyed the storytelling and it involved the children fully”

We specialise in the use of drama and theatre to enable people to talk safely about difficult issues. We work with small or large groups, from Key Stage 2 up to adult groups, and we can work alongside you to fit with your needs. Simply contact us to find out more.

Educational Theatre Programmes

We have two educational theatre programmes currently available for booking which can be adapted to fit the needs of the group(s) you are working with:

One of Fagin’s Boys – supporting work on domestic violence and abuse, crime and anti-social behaviour, health and well being, emotional literacy, bullying, alcohol and drug misuse.

The Real Boy – supporting work on health and wellbeing, safeguarding, emotional literacy and PSHCE (issues include domestic violence, disability awareness, alcohol misuse and racism).

Starting with a play our each booking includes a workshop element and follow up packs.

Training Packages

We provide professional development training for teachers, third sector organisations and their volunteers, housing associations, medical professionals, police, students including teaching, medicine, social care and performing arts.

Find out more at our Training page.