What People Say…

“Excellent, a realistic, accurate portrayal of a family/individuals at risk. All too true to life”

“A moving and very rewarding session. To have this many clients attend, stop and come back for a second session is testament to the professionalism of the team. A massive thank you.”

“Provides a unique opportunity to open dialogue about difficult issues, and allows pupils to explore their own concerns and problems.” TEACHER

“It made them think, it made them question, it allowed them to use their imagination… three world class actors who interact wonderfully”

“Excellent resource, entertaining and educational. Gritty without being rough in delivery and content.” WORKER

“This really does safely go into very difficult areas and powerfully challenges young people without threatening their safely.” YOUTH WORKER

“It covered so many issues in a sensitive way. I was both enthralled and saddened by the story and the acting.”

“It deepens children’s writing and thinking skills… the children were inspired and worked together brilliantly.” TEACHER

“A lesson in not being influenced by others. Think for yourself… Brilliant as usual.” TEACHER

“Excellent! This needs to go to every primary school, not just in Leeds.”

“I really enjoyed it. I felt I could relate to some of the issues brought up in the play, that then captured my attention. And it was brilliant.” PARTICIPANT

“Unlike seeing a film the play made everything feel real. You could see real people and emotions/ relationships. I would like to see more plays like that.” PARTICIPANT