The Real Boy

“Many children who might not otherwise speak up and express themselves did. Equally it dealt with issues I would have found it hard to find a way into… It was consistently superb.”  Teacher 

The Real Boy is a two-part participatory theatre programme suitable for Year 4, 5 and 6, adult and community groups.

In Part One the audience meets Phil Goodall and his 8 year-old grandson, Callum.

Phil needs some help. His grandson has come to stay and he doesn’t know what to do with him. Phil’s never been any good with kids, that was always his wife’s department, but even Phil can see that something’s wrong with Callum. It’s not just the bruise on his face; he’s a very angry boy and when his mother rings, Callum won’t even talk to her.

The audience help Phil to find out what’s wrong with Callum and talk about what to do about it.

“I absolutely loved Part One. It covered so many issues in a sensitive way. I was both enthralled and saddened by the story and the acting.” TEACHER

Part Two takes place online where the audience meets Callum’s next-door neighbour Nisha and Ravi, her disabled son. Part 2 of the programme can be viewed online.

“I liked the drama and the way you could pick your choices, it felt like it was actually happening” Year 5 PUPIL

The Real Boy supports work on health and wellbeing, safeguarding, emotional literacy and PSHCE (issues include domestic violence, disability awareness, alcohol misuse and racism).