One Of Fagin’s Boys

“This really does safely go into very difficult areas and powerfully challenges young people without threatening their safely.” YOUTH WORKER

“Unlike seeing a film the play made everything feel real. You could see real people and emotions/ relationships. I would like to see more plays like that.” PARTICIPANT

 “Best piece of theatre in education I have seen for years… Powerful theatre”
Inspired by the Charles Dickens classic, One Of Fagin’s Boys tells the story of an orphan boy called Oliver and his struggle to survive poverty and crime in Britain 2012. It’s summer, Oliver runs away from care and meets Fagin and his gang…

“Do you trust social workers, Oliver? Course you don’t. And neither did Nancy. She ran away from the kids home, didn’t you? Nancy was a very naughty girl.”

The play is part of an educational theatre programme supporting work on domestic violence and abuse, crime and anti-social behaviour, health and well being, emotional literacy, bullying, alcohol and drug misuse. It is suitable for children age 10 upwards, young people and adult groups and can be delivered in schools, youth and community groups, at conferences and as part of professional development.

The programme consisted of the play, ONE OF FAGIN’S BOYS, follow-up sessions and materials to enable groups to use the world of the play to talk safely about difficult issues relevant to their lives. The programme toured to primary & high schools and youth and community groups from 2012 -2014.

“Excellent! This needs to go to every primary school, not just in Leeds.”
“A moving and very rewarding session. To have this many clients attend, stop and come back for a second session is testament to the professionalism of the team. A massive thank you.” SUPPORT WORKER

“It deepens children’s writing and thinking skills… the children were inspired and worked together brilliantly.” TEACHER

“Provides a unique opportunity to open dialogue about difficult issues, and allows pupils to explore their own concerns and problems.” TEACHER

“It was awesome! I wanted to watch it again.” PUPIL

“It inspired me to write my own play at home. And I did.” PUPIL