The Boy Under The Bed

The boy under the bed is very bad.

He smacked my mum and made her sad,

He breaks my toys so I can’t play.

I wish that boy would go away!


the BOY under the bed tells the story of 5 year old Josh and his family. Ever since his dad left home Josh has been bothered by this naughty boy who lives under his bed. The boy keeps doing naughty things and Josh always gets the blame. Josh asks the audience to help him, to understand what’s going on and get rid of the naughty boy before something really awful happens… but something has happened. What’s Josh doing with his mum’s handbag? And what else is he hiding underneath the duvet? And where are Josh’s mum and his teenage sister, Amy? Is Josh really all alone in the house with just his toys for company?… Come and meet Josh and see if you can find out what’s really going on, and help Josh before it’s too late. the BOY under the bed is an active theatre production and is suitable for schools, community & professional groups, aged 6+ to adults.  

~ the BOY under the bed is available from May 2015 ~

The play is part of an educational theatre programme that supports work on wellbeing, healthy relationships, divided families, domestic violence & abuse, mental health issues, bullying, alcohol & drug misuse and emotional literacy. The programme is flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of groups and consists of a participatory play (40 – 55 minutes), post play discussions & workshops and follow-up materials.