Just before lockdown Annalyn was in Otley and met  Angie Griffin (nee Brock), who worked with the company as a free-lance designer in the late 70s. Afterwards Angie sent us couple of photos, and emails about her memories of working with the company.

“What a lovely surprise to bump into you today, Annalyn! Having moved house two years ago I spent some time sorting through all my old theatre portfolios and was looking through the work I did (briefly) with Leeds T.I.E all those years ago. I was a Set & Costume Designer at Leeds Playhouse at the time and did a few freelance jobs, Leeds T.I.E being one of them. I do remember you all quite clearly and what a team you made: Yourself, John Surman, Biddy Coghill (a new girl back then), Gail McIntyre, Mike Kenny and Rob Wilsher, the builder/carpenter. Happy days for me, escaping the rigours of repertory designing and a great eye-opener too. I was prompted to continue and work for Interplay Community Theatre, Red Ladder, Belt and Braces and M6 Theatre Company. A whole world I would never have known about but for your contacts and encouragement. I soon learned that low budgets and caring about the message led to greater creativity on my part.”

“My recollections of Leeds TIE are very special, a warm place in my memory bank! I joined the team as a designer (you must have been doing very well at that point!) to work on a few shows with you. I remember Sharon’s Mechanical Mother, Pikadon and The Ghost Train (to Cornelian Bay), there may have been more. At the time Rob Willsher was (much more than) the Carpenter and creative maker on the team but as he became more involved in the drama I joined to give him a hand. Funds were low, time was scarce but somehow everything came together on budget and on time! I had tremendous fun watching the team perform at a wide variety of schools and venues and could see that the work was rewarding for everyone involved. The hands-on approach has always appealed to me, so thank you for having faith, allowing me the creative freedom and letting me be part of an exceptional team at an exceptional time”

Angie Griffin (nee Brock).

QUIZ TIME – Can you name the people in the photographs?