18th August 2021 – LATEST HISTORY Post: go to THE LEGACY PROJECT for the memories of Angie Brock (now Griffin) – “A whole world I would never have known …” And a QUIZ: Can you identify the people in the photos Angie sent? 


15th July 2021 – “Half way through I forgot I was watching a play.”

Just completed the first part of our Pilot Tour; 23 performances & workshops of THE WITCH’S HOUSE. Many thanks to staff & pupils for welcoming us into their schools and responding so positively to the programme. It was an absolute pleasure to be back working in Leeds schools.

Also completed 6 days of TIE Workshops with students & staff at Leeds City College School of Creative Arts. Thanks to all for your positive participation! 

THE WITCH’S HOUSE continues in Autumn. For info please email. A big THANK YOU to all who supported The Witch’s House Legacy Project. Best wishes, stay safe, Paul and Annalyn.