2nd December – THE BIG GIVE Campaign has so far raised £2,600 including Gift Aid. Many thanks to everyone who has generously contributed. And GOOD NEWS we’ve extended the deadline so you now have 7 days left to press the Donate button! 

We now have THREE contributions to the Legacy Project (History) – Paul Copley and John Surman’s memories of joining the company in 1970, and Cheryl Stott’s memories of working with us in late 90s – 2000. Click on THE LEGACY PROJECT to see their posts.

Looking For Callum finished a successful tour of Morley Primary schools! Many thanks to the Morley Cluster for their support.

”It was great to see some pupils who rarely engage in discussion activities getting so involved in the follow up activities. The performance and the workshop had a significant impact on the pupils and they were keen to continue discussing the issues in the follow up lessons. It is a very effective introduction to teaching about homophobia and we have built this in to our Year 5 planning.” YEAR 5 TEACHER

We completed this tour with a performance of Looking For Callum at Ripon House Approved Premises. 10 residents and 3 staff attended. They were a lovely group, everyone participated and we all had a great evening. Doing participatory theatre with adults always feels like a risk, even though we’ve done it countless times, but we never fail to be surprised, moved and uplifted by the generosity and bravery of groups, to join in with the theatre and take on the difficult issues it raises. They also seem to enjoy it! Many thanks to all!           

“13 residents and staff were treated to an amazing performance and workshop by Leeds TIE in our own lounge! LOOKING FOR CALLUM sensitively touched on DV, CSE and safeguarding, and feedback from residents was 10/10 across the board.” Pam Bircumshaw, Ripon House.

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