June 2022 – We worked with a wonderful group of students from Leeds City College, supporting them to create an excellent piece of TIE which they performed to 3 spellbound groups of high school students! Well done Amber Launders and Purple Group!    ***    

We recently heard of the sad death of Roger Chapman, founding director of Leeds Playhouse Theatre in Education Company. He was a great enthusiast and influencer and as well as running the company he organised national and international festivals in Leeds and beyond. After leaving the company he extended his work to production involving work across the world and will be sadly missed by many international friends as well as by Isy, their three children and six grandchildren.

“When Roger gave me the job at Leeds TiE and accepted me into the team he changed my life. Working with Annalyn, John, Jim and Libby gave me the skills and courage to embark on what’s turned out to be a long career. So exciting, such a privilege, to be in TiE and around Leeds Playhouse at that time.” Paul Copley.

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